10 Awesome Video Games That Were Made Into Terrible Movies


Video games and movies have had a sour relationship for years. Video games based off movies have been awful and the same seems to happen when movies are created based off video games. The plots never feel right, the acting can be horrible and viewers end up just wanting to play the game instead. This is especially frustrating when awesome games are turned into terrible movies. It can destroy the reputation of a game.

Street Fighter was filled with some great characters, but they didn’t translate so well on the big screen. Alone in the Dark is an awful mess with even worse casting and acting. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation completely destroyed any chance of the franchise returning to the big screen. Doom had a great cast, but was plagued by poor writing and plot decisions. Double Dragon turned a basic game into a convoluted adventure with terrible action sequences. House of the Dead has everything going wrong for it, even though the original arcade game is a classic. Wing Commander is as cheesy as it comes with movies and is based off a game that never needed a movie adaptation. Assassin’s Creed got big budget treatment, but feels nothing like the original game series. Need for Speed was a lame attempt at creating a new racing franchise to compete with Fast and Furious. Super Mario Bros. fans will never forget the disaster that was their live action movie. Character designs and plots were nothing like the original game. Watch to see all these awful movie adaptations!