10 Awkward Voice Overs Caught In Video Games


We live in a golden age of Video Games; and not just because or the fantastic graphical capabilities of modern consoles or the ability to tell amazing story unlike any other medium. The true gold lies in the advancements in voice over and performance capture within the last ten years. With industry titans like Nolan North and Tara Strong leading the charge, as well as celebrities lending their voices every so often, character have never felt so real. For the first time video game stories are being treated like movies with professional screenwriters, composers, and actors working on them. It’s hard to think back to those dark days before this renaissance; when the cutscenes and voice overs were only an afterthought to the developers.

Some games gained their popularity from the cheesy lines and laughable performances, such as House of the Dead 2. Others gave an inside look into the lack of quality control when publishers rush games or don’t care about the project. Sonic ‘06 anyone? Then there are those unfortunate few whose entire tone can be ruined by one line, just like Heavy Rain. Even games with triple A budgets can manage to screw up the voice overs, think Shenmue one and two.

What in the world could be the reason for all of these issues? Find out here at The Gamer. From terrible mispronunciations to the most annoying voices ever recorded, we’re going through 10 super Awkward Voice Overs Caught in Video Games