10 Boss Moves That Made It Game Over Before You Even Began


UNFAIR BOSS MOVES. Bosses have always been a way to test your skills, but sometimes, they’re flat out unfair. From overpowered attacks to incredible abilities, there is always something to put these bosses into a category of their own.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 boss moves that made it GAME OVER before you even began!


What unfair boss moves do you know of?

Do you know any tips and tricks to defeat any of these bosses?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Bosses have been a staple of the video game industry for as long as we can remember. Games from the 80’s and 90’s were full of boss fights until things started to get a bit more cinematic like in The Last of Us. Ending a game on a defining moment or story point is great to lead up to a sequel, but in this day and age of instant gratification, we want to feel rewarded for our accomplishments. Enter the overpowered gargantuan boss. If you really want a rewarding feeling, try taking on any of the bosses mentioned in this video. They each have a specific move that can end you at any given time.

Psycho Mantis’ reaction time is enough to make anyone go psycho until you learn his weakness. Riku’s Dark Aura attack is strong enough to let any player instantly regret entering the boss fight. Demyx’s Water Dance will end the fight as quickly as it started. Shao Kahn’s charge attack is relentless and will have you pulling your hair out. Even Flemeth’s most basic attacks will knock you back and frustrate you like no other. The Heretic Leader will clone himself to confuse you. Big Daddy’s melee attacks, including that big drill of his, can inflict some major damage. Ornstein’s lightning attacks are some of the strongest in Dark Souls and he still brought a friend with him. General Raam’s Swarm of Kryll is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Mike Tyson packs one hell of a punch, even in a video game. Without further ado, here are 10 boss moves that made it GAME OVER before you even began.