10 Captain Underpants Moments Caught In Minecraft


The Captain Underpants franchise has been around since 1997 when the first book was released. Following the success of the initial release, there have been dozens of books and now an official animated movie has been released in theaters. Just like many other pop-culture properties, Minecraft players have really transformed their worlds to match a lot of the characters and themes featured in Captain Underpants. As you watch Minecraft videos and explore the game, there is a lot to take in from the franchise.

Famous YouTubers like Baby Duck Adventures have done numerous stories featuring Captain Underpants and other characters from the series. If you want to play as Captain Underpants, then you can download custom skins that can be added to multiple versions of the game. The Little Carly and Little Kelly YouTube channels have added Captain Underpants to their infamous Toy Store videos. Captain Underpants is known for his signature cape and you can easily add one to your characters. Captain Underpants is hard to find in a special game of hide and seek. The hero also goes on a scary mission by playing the Bendy & The Ink Machine challenge. You can draw a beautiful portrait of Captain Underpants by playing the Pixel Painters challenge. Other popular characters from the series are also available like George and Harold. A lot of the stories take place at a school and there are plenty of school mods that you can download and use for the adventures. There’s also the option of taking on a giant toilet, much like Turbo-Toilet 2000.