10 Crazy Nintendo Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True


Is Luigi dead? Is there more to Mario than meets the eye? These are the questions hardcore Nintendo fans have been pondering ever since the days of Donkey Kong. In this video, we look into 10 of the most fascinating theories super fans have cooked up about all kinds of Nintendo games.

For instance, Super Smash Bros. seems to be about actual Nintendo characters beating the stuffing out of each other. But what if it takes place in an imaginary world, and it’s just someone playing with toys? Or is Mario living a double life as a Street Fighter character? (You’ll never guess who). Or how about the lovable Kirby series. Does it take place after humanity has been wiped off the face of the earth?

Do all of the Zelda games over the years take place in a single universe, on a unified timeline? Does Link get reincarnated time and again to battle against the evil Ganon? Or does your character in Pokemon have a secret dark side? He seems so innocent and lovable, but if he’s capable of capturing creatures to fight for him, maybe there’s more going on there than it seems on the surface.

For fans of Mario’s taller, thinner brother, there’s some evidence that Luigi dies during the events of Luigi’s Mansion. The theory may be based on a shadow, but it’s a pretty strange shadow for a game that’s supposed to be kid-friendly. Then there’s the possibility that Little Mac from Punch-Out might be in some dire peril that has nothing to do with his opponents in the boxing ring. Watch the video to learn more about all of these fascinating theories.