10 Dark Nintendo Secrets That Made Kids Games Creepy


When a person thinks of Nintendo, there are a lot of positive elements that come to mind. The colorful world of Mario, the inventiveness of Zelda, and the creative minds behind Pokemon just to name a few. There are some things that probably don't come to mind: murder, animal abuse, and affairs. All of those elements are actually a huge part Nintendo's gaming history. Even as Nintendo tries to portray themselves as family-friendly, it's become harder to hide some of these creepy factors.


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All of those innocent NES games that you played as a child actually had a lot of creepy and shocking elements to them that people never fully realized until years later. Through research, game manuals, and a few Easter eggs, these creepy facts have been uncovered and shared with the world. Mario isn't the innocent hero we all remember. Some of your favorite Pokemon actually have incredibly disturbing backstories that involve death, children, and chilling events. The origins of Zelda and Link have a rumored revelation that turns out to be true. This includes Nintendo games for the NES, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, and later systems like the Wii and Wii U.

Watch to see what's been hidden, how some elements were created, and things that will change your view of Nintendo games forever. The next time you play your favorite Nintendo game, you can look back on this list and see how these facts are actually true. Share them with your friends and take this creepy Nintendo knowledge with you wherever you go.