10 Dark Secrets About Zelda Nintendo Tried To Hide


DARK PRINCESS ZELDA SECRETS. Zelda is an iconic figure in the Nintendo world and the Legend of Zelda franchise wouldn’t be what it is today without her help. We can confidently say Link probably wouldn’t have been able to defeat Ganon without her either.

This is TheGamer’s list of 8 DARK SECRETS you never knew about Princess Zelda.


Would Link be able to defeat Ganon without Zelda’s help?

Should Zelda get her own game where she gets to be the hero?

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If you’ve played any game in the Legend of Zelda series, you know it would be nothing without the princess. After all, the games aren’t called the Legend of Link. Princess Zelda is a character with a past still shrouded in mystery and darkness and Nintendo isn’t quite ready to give it all up just yet.

Breath of the Wild gave fans a bit more insight into Zelda’s past. More specifically, her mother’s role in the downfall of Hyrule and the return of Ganon. Was it enough to satisfy gamers? Were we really happy with the details provided about the Queen of Hyrule or were we looking for more? There are plenty of secrets about Zelda’s past, but we definitely think her mother’s death is one of those things we’d love to learn more about. Then we have the age-old question: if Zelda is so powerful, why does she have to disguise herself?

Zelda is a descendent of a Goddess and yet, she has to play as characters like Sheik and Tetra so Ganon won’t try to kidnap her and she can still be an asset to Link. Zelda becomes so great at disguises she can fool herself into thinking she’s another person and then there’s the whole gender switch thing happening where she fools Zelda into believing she’s a male character. On top of being a master of disguise, she can also wield the Blade of Evil’s Bane like it’s nobody’s business so she should probably just go ahead and start saving herself at this point. There are a few flaws with Princess Zelda and she holds some dark secrets so join us as we unmask them!