10 Dark Secrets You Never Knew About Cheep Cheep


CHEEP CHEEP HAS SECRETS. The wide-eyed fish may look like it’s just swimming aimlessly in Mario games, but there’s a lot of secrets the little fish is hiding.

This is TheGamer's list of 10 DARK SECRETS You Never Knew About CHEEP CHEEP.


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For years, Mario players have had to evade the Cheep Cheep, whether it was swimming through water or running away when they would jump over land. The Mario bad guy may seem innocent on the outside, but there are numerous secrets Cheep Cheep is hiding.

The Cheep Cheeps may have been Mario’s enemy for years, but there’s a time where the creatures are his friend in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Yoshi apparently trusted Cheep Cheeps enough to allow one of them to babysit his younglings. Mario may have to avoid the Cheep Cheep attacks, but a mini-game in Super Mario Odyssey just feels like plain abuse. Do Cheep Cheeps have their own movie? You can see a glimpse of it at a theater in a Nintendo 3DS game. Cheep Cheeps have not been exclusive to the Mario franchise as they’ve actually swam over to Zelda’s world and given Link plenty of trouble through the years. Mario developers have been making jokes about eating Cheep Cheeps for years and these puns are often found in Mario Party games. The gender of Cheep Cheeps has been confusing considering how it started and what it eventually became. The Cheep Cheep has a cousin who is violent, aggressive and someone they’ve tried to keep buried for years. The Eep Cheep is an unusual species of the animal and has a deep history in the Mario franchise. Watch to see all of these DARK Cheep Cheep secrets and plenty more that you probably NEVER knew!