10 Dark Secrets You Never Knew About KIRBY


KIRBY MAY LOOK INNOCENT. But once you dive deep into his Nintendo history, you’ll realize the little puffball has a lot of pretty dark secrets. A violent past, mysterious enemies and some crazy secrets encompass a number of the character’s games.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 DARK Secrets you never knew about KIRBY! What secret surprised you the most? What’s your favorite Kirby game? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Kirby has spent years being one of Nintendo’s most popular characters. He has appeared in numerous video games and appears to be extremely friendly. Dive a little deeper into Kirby’s history to find out shocking facts, information and things you never knew.

Nintendo has long been against blood and crazy violence, but there was an exception for a graphic battle between Kirby and the enemy Zero. Kirby doesn’t need heavy arms to kill his foes, but in the Kirby cartoon, he finds ways to use a variety of different weapons including machine guns. Kirby may seem friendly, but he once had a great feud against Link and battled him in an SNES game. Kirby’s Dreamland 2 is a great family-friendly game for the Game Boy, unless you unlock the secret stage. Meta Knight is one of Kirby’s biggest rivals, but he may be a lot more similar to Kirby than you actually realize. To help appeal to all types of gamers, advertisements in the United States often depict Kirby as extremely angry on all of his game covers. In Super Smash Bros., it’s pretty surprising how high both Kirby and Meta Knight rank in the game. In Germany, a shocking comic was released showcasing Kirby as he smokes and drinks his way through detective cases. Kirby may be overshadowed by other heroes in the Nintendo franchise, but he actually defeated Mario when it came to selecting the most popular hero. Watch to see all 10 DARK SECRETS you NEVER knew about Kirby!