10 Easy Games With Insanely Hard Levels


Whether a gamer plays video games in order to relax or for competition, it’s generally expected that video games are supposed to be enjoyable. In some games, if the difficulty level is too high, players can easily lower the difficulty in order to get more enjoyment out of the game. Other games are intended for children and gamers of all ages to enjoy their family friendly content which boast easier gameplay. As long as gamers are having fun, it doesn’t matter what type of game they’re playing.


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Easy games or even games intended for children should be somewhat easy to complete. The bosses should be easier than an average boss in the Dark Souls franchise, for example. Levels should be minimally difficult for players to get through and the achievements shouldn’t be too hard to unlock. While most hardcore gamers are playing for the sheer competitive aspect of it, it seems like everyone is capable of enjoying a simple game just for the fun of it.

When playing an easy game, most players expect to breeze through the levels and bosses in no time and with little resistance. Unfortunately, some easy games end up having super hard levels which are ridiculously difficult to get through. Finding such a level in an easy game can be infuriating since the expectation is set that this game will be easily beat. In fact, coming across such a level in an easy game can discourage a player from wanting to finish the game at all! Without further ado, here are 10 super hard levels in easy games!