10 Epic Games That Will Turn Your Girlfriend Into A Gamer


XBOX AND CHILL. Nothing brings couples together like sharing an interest. Whether it’s movies or food, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re spending time with the person you love.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 epic games that will turn even your girlfriend into a gamer


What’s the best game to play with your girlfriend?

What game do you and your girlfriend bond over?

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For a few years now, we have enjoyed the phrase “Netflix and Chill,” a saying with various intentions, but at the end of the day, is about two people sharing some time together and bonding over their favorite show...for a little bit anyway.

There is nothing better than sharing something with the person you love. We share so much with the people we care about; our feelings, our problems and, most of all the, things that make us happy! We go to the movies, out to eat and so on and so forth. Hell, we even have Netflix and Chill, something which starts out innocent enough but can have endless endings...if you catch our drift. In any case, couples gaming together is becoming more commonplace. We don’t like to rely on old stereotypes, but we have all heard of the non-gamer girlfriend getting introduced to video games by their boyfriend. We know it doesn’t happen all the time and that not all gamers who are girls were introduced to video games through their boyfriends, but even at its core, there is nothing more sweet. What may have started out as begrudging compliance turns into a shared experience which can lead to a stronger relationship. Today, we thought we would help out all of the new gaming couples by showing them 10 truly epic games even the most stubborn non-gaming girlfriend will play.

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