10 Games You Had No Idea Mario Cameos In


Have you been struggling to find a game to play? If so, why not check out one of these games that secretly hid one of the most famous Nintendo characters? Mario has appeared in many titles that are part of the Nintendo franchise as well as a few that actually aren't! This proves that he’s one of the most beloved characters of all time, although everyone might not agree to that statement. Mario has appeared in games like World of Warcraft where he was alongside his brother Luigi and ended up getting lost by taking a short cut. Mario even appeared in the popular Mega Jump game for mobile phones that had people from around the world addicted to the fast-paced gameplay. Who could forget the Movember promotion that featured a few of our favorite moustached characters including “Super Redford”, who may or may not actually have been Mario. Spyro even featured a few references to Mario--even though Spyro wasn’t exactly a stranger to pop culture jokes. Spyro had Mario living in the antagonist’s lab as an NPC robot, but maybe Red was actually Bowser in disguise and decided to turn Mario into his robot slave? It’s strange to think that the fat little plumber with a red hat who made his first appearance in an entirely different game under a different name could have appeared in over 200 games since he was first created. Remember that Mario was actually Jumpman in Donkey Kong so he didn’t even originally start off in his own game.