10 Kingdom Hearts 3 Secrets That E3 Didn't Show You


E3 has had us wrapped around their fingers at any news of a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, but what they haven’t shared with us we’re here to reveal! Just not the release date because we’re not even sure Tetsuya Nomura knows that answer. The beginning of the trailer leaves us picking our jaws up off the ground as Sora sours through the sky and into the middle of a fight with a horde of heartless. We also get a much different view of Olympus. And it looks like it’s bigger and better than ever in KH3! There might also be a new party member addition to gameplay so our trio will become a quartet now. And who doesn’t love the classic villains of the story? We’re even excited to see Hades familiar face once again. There are still plenty of mysteries left in KH3 including in Twilight Town like who patched up the hole and why did they do it? Attraction Flow will easily be one of our favorite summons--who can’t find amusement from summoning a pirate ship and a teacup ride whenever they feel like it? We’re also excited to see even more Drive Forms because they were a fan favorite in KH2. We wonder if we’ll get answers about this mysterious black box the Disney villains are so obsessed with and we might even get to test out our Playstation VR out by the time KH3 is finally released. There’s also a special announcement for a new world for KH3--and we kind of hope it has to do with Star Wars this time.