10 Lies You Were Told About Nintendo Princesses


You probably grew up thinking that there wasn’t much substance to a Nintendo princess but that might change after this video. We’re here to tell you that the modern-day princess you used to know is gone, and we’ve been lied to about their true identities. Ever since the beginning we were led to believe that the female characters were destined to be helpless damsels in distress. Take for instance the original character of Pauline in Donkey Kong--she wasn’t given much of a backstory but she looked an awful lot like Peach. Some gamers don’t consider Princess Rosalina as a princess but after hearing confirmation that the godfather of the Super Mario Galaxy had BIGGER plans for Rosalina; we started to wonder if she didn’t have royal ties that we weren’t being told about. If our revelation that Zelda was actually Sheik taught us anything; it was that princesses are not all created equally and they’re certainly not all helpless damsels in distress. It’s finally confirmed, in case you were wondering that Princess Peach and Princess Toadstool were not two different characters but a mistake in translating the name for the U.S. version. Also, Peach’s Parasol is a functional accessory that also matches her dress perfectly. Peach is also one of the only princesses that has her own secret slide in her bedroom--something we only dreamed of having in our own. If you were curious Zelda isn’t the name of one character, but it’s actually a title given to every princess in the Zelda series. Daisy isn’t your typical boring stereotypical princess; in fact, she’s got spunk and spirit and is even referred to as a tomboy in her debut appearance. You probably always felt that Princess Wendy O. Koopa was a kindred spirit to you, and if not then maybe the fact that she was named after Wendy O. Williams of the punk rock band The Plasmatics will change your mind. Princess Shroob is so good at disguises that she even fooled Bowser into believing that she was princess Peach. That seems like a pretty difficult challenge for a simple damsel in distress to undertake.