10 Most Embarrassing Golden Globe Moments Ever


Ah, the red carpet. When it comes to the big nights in Hollywood, the Golden Globes are considered to be amongst the most elite awards in the business next to the Oscars and Emmys. Celebrities get dressed up, and it’s apparently the cream of the crop that presents and wins a Golden Globe award. However, perfect nights often don’t go as planned. Then, you’re for sure set to have an evening of mishaps, inappropriate comments, and awkward moments that are immortalized thanks to the plethora of cameras everywhere you look. Moments that happened at the Golden Globes decades ago are still remembered, and there’s a good chance that things like Emma Stone’s “hug fail” will likely result in immortal remembrance. We also can’t forget Elizabeth Taylor enjoying herself a bit too much while she was presenting. Celebrities are certainly funny people sometimes, and we just love to watch them misbehave!