10 Most Messed Up Things People Have Done In Minecraft


Minecraft is a truly a unique game. The open world concept, open ability for mods, and endless ways to play has completely changed the game. This is why there’s no need for Minecraft 2 or some sort of upgraded sequel. Ever since the original release in 2011, gamers have found ways to reinvent the game and find new ways to play.

While most of these methods are typically innocent, there are some players that take things a little too far. From taking control of villagers to some pretty crazy servers, you can find just about everything in the world of Minecraft. Not only do you hear rumors and see screenshots, but there are numerous players that will stream all of these experiences for the world to see on YouTube. Luckily for you, we’ve collected them all here. Witness the world of Minecraft turned completely upside down with some crazy creations, characters, and unique concepts you have never heard before. A lot of these things are really messed up, but they can still be used to draw some inspiration of your own the next time you play Minecraft on the PC or a console like the Xbox One. Many of these things have been created using all types of mods, which are readily available online and can completely change your gaming experience.