10 Most Shocking Live Stream Moments Ever Recorded


Our ability to see the world has expanded greatly over the last several decades. Naturally, many years ago what we saw of the world was limited to our line of sight or any pictures available. Flight, space travel and satellite television all expanded that view considerably from the 1940s to the 1990s. Then, with the internet, the world got even smaller, almost overnight. Email, pictures and text could be sent anywhere with a connection instantly. The arrival of the smartphone made this process even faster and more efficient and the improvement in internet and cellphone infrastructure soon meant video could be streamed almost effortlessly.

Those obsessed with video quality may turn their noses up at the quality of video often available on live streams vs HD television, but for many of us it’s good enough. This is especially the case since live streams can take place seemingly anywhere and at any time. Whether a fixed camera outside, a webcam or a smartphone, the flexibility of live streaming means you can watch things not covered by regular television Often, live streams can be boring. However, in some instances the content can be incredibly shocking or bizarre. From public acts of affection to pranks gone wrong to gang warfare, these following live streams definitely qualify as being some of the most shocking and bizarre ever recorded.

People have an insatiable appetite to know what’s going on right now in any number of locations around the world. Traditional 24-hour news channels used to be the way to do that. This was replaced by internet news sites which, in turn, were replaced by social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. For those who want more than text, live streams give you an eye to almost anywhere in the world at any time. Just be warned, as the following examples prove, there can be more than a few unsettling and strange streams going on out there at any time.