10 Most Useless Nintendo Final Bosses


Nintendo sure knows how to pack as much adventure as they can into their titles. The playing-card company, turned gaming juggernaut, has given gamers hours and hours of entertainment. From stationary consoles to handheld consoles and even hybrid consoles, Nintendo has constantly innovated themselves. Throughout the years, we have seen a wide variety of games released from Nintendo consoles. From adventure games to first-person shooters to sports titles, a wide variety of game genres have been developed for Nintendo. Some companies even produce content exclusively for Nintendo.

Through the years, we’ve become attached to certain Nintendo games and experiences. Gamers have spent countless hours playing The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros. just to feel that beautiful feeling of nostalgia.

That being said, it is incredibly disappointing when a captivating adventure features an anti-climactic ending. We look forward to defeating the final boss, the toughest foe in the entire game, only to be disappointed when the fight turns out to be a joke. Nintendo, even with its infinite wisdom, is no stranger to this. We’ve seen many amazing journeys fall flat thanks to an awful final boss. This prompted us to look through the record books and find some instances where the ending of Nintendo exclusives underwhelmed gamers around the world.

Some of the bosses in this video were not directly influenced by Nintendo creators yet found themselves as part of Nintendo console exclusivity. Without further ado, here are 10 of the most useless Nintendo final boss battles. Enjoy the video!