10 Nintendo Games Too Disturbing For American Release


Nintendo has released their fair share of weird games in their 35 years as a company. Most of the time, games are released worldwide, but occasionally something will be so strange it never makes it to the West. Most of these disturbing titles come from Japan.


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One of the most common types of Japanese games we never see make it to America is horror games. Often times, these games are considered too disturbing for American children. Games like Clock Tower, Sweet Home and Fatal Frame IV may have been popular in Japan, but Nintendo felt it wouldn’t be appropriate in the US.

You also end up with games in Japan that are just plain weird and may not fit in with the games released in the West. Games like Cho Aniki: Bakuretsu Rantouden, Gokujou Parodius, GiFTPia, and Captain Rainbow were deemed to be way too strange to be released outside Japan. Just a few seconds of gameplay make it obvious they were right for holding it back.

Finally, you have games deemed too dirty for Children in the US. Games likes Duel Love and Doki Doki Majo Shinpan used the DS touch screen to have players do some dirty things.

While these games never saw a release in America, they all have dedicated fans who have found ways to play these games anyway.