10 Overrated Super Mario Power Ups!


One of the best parts of playing a Mario game is punching a question mark block and gathering the special power-up that sits inside. Initially, Mario began with just a few power-ups, but that quickly changed with the advancement of systems and expansion of the game. For every Super Mushroom and P-Wing, there have been some crazy duds in the franchise. Watch and see ten Mario power-ups that are extremely overrated.

For example, does Mario really need to hide in a small light box as he hobbles around a Boo mansion? Speaking of Boo, there’s a pointless power-up that transforms Mario into one of the flying ghosts. In Super Mario Land 3D, you can travel through worlds using two Marios at the same time with the confusing Double Cherry Power-Up. In multiple games, Mario can fly, jump high, and shoot fireballs, but the creators of Super Mario 3 also thought it would be a good idea to place the hero in a boot for a few levels. Known as a Goomba show, the power-up in more of a novelty than actually something that’s useful in the game. Super Mario 64 really pushed the graphic limitations and showcased this with a new power-up known as Metal Cap Mario. The power-up transforms Mario into a chrome creation that can walk underwater. The original Super Mario added an extra power-up for the PC release, but it’s pretty much just an out of control hammer that Mario once used in the original Donkey Kong games. Check out all of the overrated power-ups in our video!