10 Perfect Video Games With One Major Flaw


Have you ever had your Video Game dreams crushed by one major flaw in an otherwise perfect game? After months of waiting for your dream game to be released you finally get your hands on it. You say goodbye to family and friends and clear your schedule in preparation. The game loads up and it’s everything you dreamed, you’re in heaven; it’s the perfect blend of action, tear-jerking story and crazy fun. You barely eat or sleep, this game becomes your existence. Hours or even days later you hit a snag, your love affair with this game comes to an abrupt end when a bug stops you from progressing or a design element forces you to repeat the level or boss fight over and over. Before you know it, your perfect game isn’t just boring it’s infuriating! Unfortunately this is the case with many blockbuster games that we could still be playing years later if not for a crazy design decisions and major bugs that dashed our dreams on the rocks of frustration. Here at The Gamer, we share your pain; we’ve been there. Consider this video your virtual support group, and the comments a safe place to vent your video game rage. If you feel the need to throw your controller or keyboard at the wall, we understand. Just make sure you’ve got a spare. We’ve picked out 10 games that could have been legendary but were ruined by one majorly bad design decisions or bug, games like @masseffect2, @farcry3, @thelastofus and more.