10 Playstation Games Too Disturbing For USA


Most Playstation games are well received by gamers across the globe, but some of their releases were too disturbing for American audiences.

This is The Gamer's list of 10 Playstation Games Too Disturbing for the USA.


What's the most disturbing Playstation game you’ve ever played?

What other games should be on this list?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Sony’s Playstation has a lot of available games in their catalog. The majority of these games are released worldwide and, for the most part, they’re all decent games. Sure, there are a few games that are completely trash. Whether it’s a poor plotline or terrible graphics, not every game released for any and every Playstation console is an immediate winner. With so many game titles being released to each and every Playstation console over the years, coming across a dud is bound to happen. Not every game can be a winner, that’s for certain.

Then there are the games that are released regionally. For whatever reason, not every game gets a worldwide release. Sometimes these games do not comply with the censorship laws of certain countries. Other times, they’re not a title that will be popular in certain countries which is what most of these games fall under. Games from Japan, for instance, are usually heavily steeped in Japanese pop culture which may not translate well to other markets. With a certain flair for the weird, not everything Japanese can be handled by North American audiences as a whole.

The games on this list were not widely released for a variety of reasons. Perhaps, Playstation felt that American audiences weren’t ready for bikini clad giant women or mosquito RPGs. Other times, these games were released in America on a much smaller scale and they failed miserably. That sort of failure could easily lead to Sony making sure they keep their stranger titles in Japan. And some of these games are definitely head scratchers!