10 Plot Holes In Video Games That Make No Sense


Have you ever tried your best to understand the plot of a game, but something just doesn’t fit? There is one event that happens that just does not compute and leaves you scratching your head in search for answers. Nowadays, almost every game has some sort of plot hole in it, but as we all know, some plot holes are bigger than others. Sometimes, a character will randomly have an epiphany or some important item that you desperately need to find will just magically fall from the sky. Many of us will just laugh it off and move on paying no attention to the plot, but some of us channel our inner detective and need to find out if this is truly a plot hole. As any normal person would, you search the internet to see if others have the same opinion as you. Lo and behold, there is a whole forum of people complaining about the same thing. It feels as if the game developers are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and make us forget about the glaring plot holes in their games, but we are smarter than that. From Batman somehow being a time traveler in Batman: Arkham Origins to Jack Marston becoming the greatest fighter of his generation in Red Dead Redemption, there are even game changing plot holes in the triple A games we get so excited for each year. Enjoy!