10 Pokemon That Are Actually Unbeatable

Don’t let the cute and colorful characters fool you – Pokémon battling is one of the most complex, nuanced eSports in existence. It’s like an enormous game of chess, where players have over seven hundred pieces to choose from, each of which have their own customizable rules, moves, and abilities.

In the decades that competitive Pokémon battling has existed as a pastime, players have sought endlessly to find perfect, unbeatable strategies that will allow a single Pocket Monster to sweep through a full team of six opponents, coming out unscathed.

No Pokémon is truly unbeatable in one hundred percent of scenarios, as if ever such a creature was discovered, Game Freak would be quick to patch the game. There are, however, plenty of strategies that are so devious and infuriatingly smart as to render an opponent’s entire team useless in the majority of situations. Certainly, the Pokémon on this list will have no problem taking out the majority of unskilled opponents, and can only be defeated in very specific scenarios.

As a result of many of these strategies, the metagame surrounding Pokémon has changed dramatically, as players are forced to take into account these otherwise unbeatable Pokémon in order to actually stand a chance against their unique gimmicks. If a player hasn’t prepared for these potential scenarios, though, many of the Pokémon on this list simply cannot be countered. Some of these strategies are now obsolete, but their effects are still felt within the Pokémon community.

It’s worth repeating yet again that none of these strategies are foolproof. Pokémon is an incredibly complicated game with so many different variables that it’s impossible to predict all of the different scenarios that could come up during a competitive match.

Under the right conditions, though, any of the Pokémon on this list can become an unstoppable force that will shrug off all opponents. All it takes is the right preparation, a lot of practice, and a little luck, and these Pokémon will wipe the floor with anything that comes their way.

The only problem comes when the opponent has done their research as well. If you’re playing against someone who’s familiar with these technique, they’ll be more likely to exploit the very rare situations that render these strategies useless. In Pokémon, a trainer’s most prized asset is not the Pokémon they battle with, but their understanding of what strategies and techniques their opponent is going to try and get away with.