10 Popular Video Games That Luigi Broke Into


Luigi has always lived in Mario’s shadow, which is odd because he is the taller brother. He can also jump higher and run faster than his shorter, more famous brother, yet we see Mario plastered all over Nintendo’s merchandise. In the 30+ years since the two brothers jumped onto the scene, we have seen Mario more times than any other Nintendo character to date, but what of Luigi?


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It has become a running joke for Luigi to be cast aside in favor for Mario, but, recently, we have seen Luigi take on an identity of his own. He has his own personality, his own games and even his own princess to chase after and rescue. In recent years, Luigi has gotten a share of the spotlight. One of the traditions that Mario and Luigi have had is being cameos in other Nintendo games and being featured in games that are not entirely Mario games. This can include being playable characters or being hidden away in the background for the critical eye to catch them.

Today, we are going to look at 10 games Luigi broke into. These entries will focus on games that feature the green Mario brother as a playable character and as a cameo. Do you have a favorite Luigi moment? Let us know down in the comments. If you like this video, follow TheGamer on Facebook. Also, subscribe to us on Youtube and check out our other videos, you might just find your next favorite video.