10 Popular Video Games That Mario Broke Into


There’s no denying that Super Mario is one of the most recognizable characters in video game history. From his debut on the NES, his evolution on the SNES, and his open-world play on the Nintendo 64, Mario continues to make history. He recently made his app debut and will only continue to grow with the release of the Nintendo Switch console system. With all of his success, it’s pretty easy to see that Mario has a big head (and we don’t just mean literally). The man has his own franchise, and is constantly getting the girl, but that’s not enough for the digital star.

Mario may have dozens of his own games, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from featuring the plumber in a large collection of other titles. Mario has made several impactful cameo appearances in video games. This includes hidden Easter eggs, interactions with other players, and as a way to gain some special bonuses. In many games it may be hard to miss Mario. His animated look really stands out when he is featured in games that feature realistic and gritty graphics. It’s almost like film “Wreck-It Ralph” as Mario travels from game to game, making his mark and expanding his fame in the industry. Watch and see Mario invade PC games, Wii games, Wii-U titles, and a number of games from the original NES release.