10 Reasons That Prove Bowser is NOT A Villain


In 1985, Bowser made his first appearance in the Mushroom Kingdom as the main antagonist in the Mario Bros. franchise. Since then, he has regularly kidnapped Princess Peach which, in turn, has led Mario and his brother, Luigi, on various adventures throughout the Kingdom in order to free Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches and return peace to the people of Mushroom Kingdom. From evading turtles to jumping over pools of hot lava, Mario and his brother will go to any means necessary in order to save the beloved Princess Peach.

The mere fact that Bowser and his many Koopaling children have spent the majority of their lives kidnapping Princess Peach and wreaking havoc on the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom would lead any sane individual to believe that he’s clearly the villain in this franchise, but is there more to the Bowser’s story than that?

Players are only privy to the perspectives of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and, sometimes, Toad. While The Gamer clearly does not condone building elaborate castles and kidnapping those who have wronged you, perhaps there is more to the story than we’re aware of. After all, Bowser is clearly a facet of the Mario Bros. lives and if he really were the big bad threat in this story, would they still continue to allow him behind the wheel of a kart all while arming him with blue turtle shells and banana peels? What possesses him to obsessively kidnap the Princess and what does he stand to gain from it?