10 Reasons Why Roblox Is BETTER Than Minecraft!


In the world of online sandbox games, there two that have been near the top of the charts for years: Minecraft and Roblox. Each game has their differences and are often both played by the same players. Even though Roblox has been around longer, Minecraft is the game that has dominated the mainstream for several years now. Aisles are filled with Minecraft toys, children dress like Steve and Alex for Halloween. There are vast amounts of YouTube videos dedicated to game streams. For many, this may indicate that Minecraft is actually the better game. While each game has its lists of pros and cons, there are ten reasons you should give Roblox a chance. The open-world game has many advantages over Minecraft and uses those to showcase a whole lot of potential that typical Minecraft players cannot experience.

Learn how Roblox has advantages for all age levels, through specific types of graphics, and the various uses of the game. The ultimate decision may come down to personal taste, but getting educated about the games in the first place will help you make the best decision. For many, it will come down to cost, but that is not really a factor between these two games. Minecraft costs money up front and has a lot of DLC options. Roblox offers free accounts, but also has monthly fees and extras that you can purchase. By focusing on other game factors like options, features, and creation modes, you can see how Roblox is way BETTER than Minecraft.