10 Retro Game Levels That Kids Today Would Give Up On


Ask any older gamer, and they’ll tell you video games these days are easier than they used to be. That’s why kids today wouldn’t last five minutes in many of the classic games from the ’80s and ‘90s. This video looks at some of the toughest video game levels that would make kids today surrender unconditionally. For instance:

Bart Vs. the Space Mutants: The controls are awful in this game, and the enemies are ruthless. Making matters worse, it’s hard to figure out what you’re even supposed to do in the first level.

Ghosts ’n Goblins: When you get hit in this game — and you will get hit often, because it’s ridiculously unfair — you lose your armor and end up wearing nothing but boxers.

Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily has cooked up a whole host of robotic enemies. Quick Man’s level might be the toughest.

Battletoads: It starts off so promising, but by level three, Battletoads will make you wish you’d never been born. It’s that tough.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles should feel at home in the water, right? Not in the water level of this NES game. It’s filled with more electricity than a power station.

Metroid: If you can get past the monotony of the Brinstar level in Metroid, you’ll probably die so many times that you give up before reaching the next section.

Contra: What kind of soldiers die just by bumping into an enemy? The ones in this classic shooter. Better bring the Konami code if you want to get past the first level.

Castlevania: The things that go bump in the night pull no punches, as proven by the Grim Reaper’s challenging level in this classic game.

Punch-Out: Mike Tyson hits hard. Little Mac gets TKO’d.

Ninja Gaiden: If you’ve ever wanted to get whacked by a bird as you jump over a pit, here’s the perfect game for you.

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