10 Secret Super Mario Run Tricks You Didn't Know


The Mario franchise has had some amazing titles spanning several consoles and handheld devices. Most recently, Super Mario Run hit Android and as far as mobile games go, it’s a smash hit. Boasting the most downloaded game of 2017, Super Mario Run is definitely breaking new ground for Nintendo.

However, since the game is relatively new to Android users, there are some tips and tricks available to help them get through the levels a little easier.


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Nintendo has recently been in the spotlight. The release of the Nintendo Switch has catapulted them into center stage when it comes to the video game industry. The recent release of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile phones has given new life to an older game title that fans enjoyed. Joining Animal Crossing is Super Mario Run, another mobile game, that has quickly risen through the ranks and destroyed all other mobile games. Super Mario Run has the distinct honor of boasting the most downloaded game of 2017 title and it’s well deserved. Super Mario Run is an amazing game for Mario fans on the go.

Most gamers are familiar with runners. Controlling a character through obstacles, while not complete gameplay, is a fun way to waste time. It’s easy, quick gaming for gamers who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. True to Nintendo fashion, they’ve managed to pull of something that other companies have not; they’ve made mobile game fun by breathing new life into an old franchise. Not that Mario isn’t popular, but no one ever expected Mario to be this popular on a mobile device.

The game itself isn’t too difficult, as far as runners go, and fans of the Mario franchise will see a few familiar faces along the way. The people of the Mushroom Kingdom are all present from Toad to Bowser. While the gameplay is somewhat different from recent Mario titles, it’s fun nevertheless. Players can unlock secret levels, beat bosses, and lord over the people of the Mushroom Kingdom, as usual. It’s like the Mario games everyone has come to know and love, but mobile.