10 Shocking Things You Never Knew About Super Mario


Super Mario Bros. Is one of the most iconic games of all-time. Originally released in 1985, the side-scrolling platform took the gaming world by storm and helped revitalize home consoles. Anyone who has played it, can recall any one of the many levels, the unforgettable music, and the journey that Mario takes to save the princess. Children grew up playing this game, its sequels, and a number of their spin-offs.

Even if you can make it through the first stages with ease, know how to access the secret pipes, and can defeat Bowser in a matter of seconds – there are some things that you never realized. The 8-bit game is filled with more secrets, crazy stories, and alternate versions that you may have never heard of. Now is the time to smash those bricks and reveal some SHOCKING things you never knew about the original game. These revelations will open you up to a whole new world of gaming, playing, and your understanding of the history of Mario. Even for the simple graphics, a lot of thought and narrative was put into the game. This has helped build a foundation for the whole franchise that we know and love today. After learning these facts, you’ll likely want to play the game and see some of the crazy things for yourself. Luckily, the numerous games are easily available on several consoles and portable devices.