10 Shocking Video Game Questions That Are Still Unanswered


Some questions burn longer than others.

Information about video games comes to us in droves. With practically every new video game release, there’s at least going to be a teaser, a trailer, and eventually a wiki. Devoted fans scour every source of information, from the internet to the games’ files, to try to definitively prove one thing or another, adding to a plethora of constantly expanding compendiums accessible at a moment’s notice.

Even if you’re not actively looking for said information, it’s probably going to get to you one way or another. Beyond marketing, word of mouth is an excellent way for information to take on a life of its own, creating the lore, speculation, and myths that create each game’s unique culture. Some games even become dependent on this phenomenon to foment a subculture based in wild theories that self-perpetuate. As time goes on, this can even expand into creative outputs, ranging from novels to creepypasta.

But there are also those specific questions that outmatch their source material for their sheer mystique. For whatever reason, they inspire gamers of all kinds to take interest, whether it’s a heated debate or merely grasping at straws. Here, we’ve collected 15 of the most interesting, talked about, or simply confusing video game questions that remain unresolved. Some are more fleshed out than others, but everyone has at least something to make you scratch your head.