10 Speed Runs That Will Never Be Beaten


Each of us play video games for different reasons. For some of us, it’s simply a hobby to pass the time. For others, it is much more than that. Some gamers want to master their favorite games so they can complete incredible speed runs. A video game speed run is exactly that, completing a game as fast as you possibly can. There are different types of speed runs, but the general rule is that no cheats can can be exploited and the game must be played at a normal speed. Many hardcore gamers only consider the record legitimate if it is played on the original console with an original controller.

Players can spend years of their life trying to design and perfect the perfect speed run. It requires mastery of of the game, precise movements and unbelievable timing. It is both fun and exciting to watch the unbelievable feats these speed runners can pull off. There are some well-known speed runners in the gaming community who showcase their skills through Twitch streams and YouTube videos. It is very nerve-wracking to watch them speed run live so just imagine how they feel.

The best thing about speed runs is that it can be done with any game. Gamers have done speed runs for both modern and retro games. Platformers like Super Mario Bros. and Metroid are great for speedruns because if you miss that one jump, you may ruin your world record speed run. Modern games like Skyrim could also receive the speed run treatment because of game-breaking glitches. Without further ado, here are 10 video game speed runs that will never be beaten. Enjoy!