10 Superhero Video Games That Would Be Better Than Marvel Movies


Superhero fans have been spoiled in recent years. Both DC Comics and Marvel have been competing to create cinematic universes that include intersecting characters, compelling storylines, and crazy action scenes. Marvel has had amazing success, but there could be something even better in store for fans: Amazing super hero games. If a variety of games were developed and focused on, they could truly end up being better than anything we see or experience in the movies.

An Ant-Man game could combine sandbox playing with Ant-Man’s unique powers and abilities. A Doctor Strange game could also send players through multiple dimensions and some crazy worlds that end up flipping on each other. LEGO games have been extremely popular and it’s about time the Batman franchise is actually based off of movies like Justice League. It would be fun to play as a villain for once and Ultron could be the ultimate choice. Controlling his army of demon robots could provide great fun, especially as a tablet strategy game. The high speeds of characters like The Flash and Quicksilver should be put to use in the video game world. Slowed-down motion effects could create fun puzzles and some crazy situations. Television’s Arrowverse is filled with tons of heroes like the Green Arrow and the Atom. They could all combine to create a great multi-player video game. Disney Infinity may have closed its doors with version 3.0, but coming for 4.0 isn’t completely out of the picture and could introduce a lot of new figures.