10 Things Only NOOB Gamers Will Understand


This video should make NOOBs feel right at home because if you don’t understand this then no one else will! Although we’ve all been in your shoes before as much as we hate to admit it. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as realizing that your favorite Pokemon character isn’t going to be part of the starter pack--welcome to the beginning of microtransaction. If you want Pikachu for the Game Boy Color you’ll have to buy him. Sometimes, games can impress with rare and special items and nowadays you don’t even have to grind for special gear. You just have to pay a few dollars for that awesome new upgrade. Item building is one of those things that come with time. No one goes into League of Legends examining how the items are going to affect gameplay. We’ve all been at this point in our gaming careers: Where am I? Where are the health and ammo spawns? Is this my life now? If you play games like Star Wars Battlefront you’ll understand the devastation of experiencing a one shot kill to the head, but you know what makes up for that? Beating an extremely difficult boss in a game like Dark Souls 3! Every gamer knows how it feels to have to start from the beginning and that means learning all the special attacks of a new character. And also what buttons make that character move. If you have finally learned what a NOOB is, congratulations and welcome to not being a NOOB. Also with your newly acquired title you should know better than to run in the line of damage of Bastion’s turrets and if you haven’t learned that by now then you are not tall enough to ride this ride.