10 Times Mario And Luigi Were Not Friends

Mario and Luigi, otherwise known as the Mario Bros., have been a dynamic duo for decades. Mario is the mascot of Nintendo and Luigi has recently gotten some time in the spotlight as well. While the sibling rivalry has been going on for quite some time, Mario and Luigi have had each other’s backs in a variety of games. From the Mario and Luigi RPG games to the classic Super Mario Bros. games where Luigi acted as player 2, they seemed inseparable. However, they’ve probably fought each other just as many times as they’ve fought together.

It’s no secret to anyone who has played a Mario game that the two brothers are often at odds. They call it sibling rivalry for a reason. We have seen this time and time again starting with the classic Mario Kart when the two were neck and neck in a no holds bar race to the finish. From beating each other senseless in Super Smash Bros to the infamous Luigi death stare in Mario kart 8, these brothers fight like cats and dogs. Sometimes, they are merely rivals in a game like in Mario Party. We look at all of these games and more as we count down the times where Mario and Luigi were not on friendly terms. If you liked this video, be sure to give it a like and follow us on Facebook. Do you know a game where Mario and Luigi weren’t friends? Let us know down in the comments.