10 Times Peach And Daisy Were Not Friends


BEST FRIENDS DON’T LAST FOREVER. Princess Peach and Princess Daisy have been friends for over a decade, but the two Nintendo Princesses haven’t always gotten along.

This is TheGamer's list of 10 times Peach and Daisy were NOT friends. Who is your favorite princess? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Peach and Daisy have often been displayed as close friend, comrades and partners when it comes to a variety of Mario games. Despite their BFF status, there have been numerous times where Daisy and Peach squared off against each other in battle. It was more than just not being friends as these two brought out of the worst of each other in numerous Nintendo games.

Not only do Princess Peach and Daisy fight in official games, but many fans have been pitting the characters against each other for years. In Street Fighter X Tekken, custom mods showcase a violent battle between Peach and Daisy. Daisy’s early days in the Mario universe includes a love story with Mario as they both went behind Daisy’s back. Super Smash Bros. has yet to feature a playable Daisy character, but mod downloads have made it possible. There have been numerous Olympic challenges between Daisy and Peach, but nothing felt more personal than when the two strapped on boxing gloves. Soul Calibur 5 mods placed swords into the hands of the princesses as they clashed against each other. Mario Party 9 allows the two princesses to get into head to head battles in some of the craziest party games. Increasing their fight for love even further, Mario and Luigi joined in with them to do battle in a WWE 2K mod. A lot of digital fan fiction has been mad involving Daisy, Luigi, Peach and their extended love stories together. Watch to see 10 Times Peach and Daisy were NOT friends!