10 Unused Ideas That Would Have Made Great Games Even Better


When a video game goes into development, there are many aspects to bringing the game to life. These stages include the concept art, planning stages, writing, graphic design, and then hours and hours of testing before the game is completed. In each stage, there are often tough cuts that have to be made and each one helps form the final game that you end up playing. While a great game ultimately gets released, there is often a lot more potential than you ever even realized.

Take a trip back in time and revisit some of your favorite games including titles in the Zelda series, Final Fantasy series, and Metal Gear Solid series. Imagine playing with zombie animals in the Last of Us or experiencing all new different monsters in Resident Evil 4. Games like Bloodbourne would be completely different if they featured extended missions like a boss rush. Key games could have been completely different if some of these changes were implemented. These changes involve extra characters, deleted levels, and all new bosses that you cannot battling against. These abandoned ideas have been revealed through developer interviews, special editions of the game, and artwork that was created for the development. Through some hacking and glitches, players have even had the ability to access these different parts of the game. Learn how to gain access and see what extra content you can pull out of some of the games you own. Even though some of these elements were deleted from games, they were also used in future games and turned into a big success.