10 video game bosses made to be unbeatable


Whether you’re playing a time-honored classic on Nintendo ‘s NES or an MMORPG on your computer like @WorldofWarcraft, chances are there will be a boss fight - they’re almost as old as video games themselves. Boss Fights can be the most memorable - and the most frustrating - part of any video game. While some are relatively easy to overcome, other bosses were a little more challenging, like most of the bosses in @FinalFantasy or even Mike Tysons Punch Out. Saving Princess Peach from Bowser in Mario or earning our gym badges in the Pokemon games are some of our proudest achievements. But some bosses just couldn’t be beat! Check out our Top 10 Video Game Bosses That Just Wouldn’t Die! And if you enjoy this video, throw us a like and click the subscribe button while you’re at it.