10 Video Game Cheats That Make Hard Games Easy


This video is not for the faint of heart, but if you grew up playing games that took years off of your life and sometimes left you crying in the corner you may be able to handle this. It all started with Castlevania and that pesky grim reaper. Remember how hard he was to defeat, some may argue that the Grim Reaper was even more difficult than the final boss of the game. Dark Souls was another intensely difficult game with little storyline to follow, but every once in awhile you stumbled across some easy soul farming and that made it all worth it! We can only whisper the words Ninja Gaiden 2 because we’re afraid it may haunt us once again with its gory details and intense boss fights. Lucky for us we found an easy way to defeat the duel dragon bosses that we struggled with for so long. We also can’t talk about Dwarf Fortress without wanting to break the nearest object. What kind of game allows you to spend hours building up your fortress only to have it destroyed every time? That’s right, it’s Dwarf Fortress. Try to say The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble three times fast--it’s almost as difficult as trying to solve one of the puzzles in the game. OH, Super Meat Boy is fun you say? We have to disagree since it’s one of the most difficult games we’ve ever picked up unless you’re a perfectly timed machine that is. And you better be if you have any chance of beating the Little Horn boss. I Wanna be the Guy: The Movie: The Game is another intense platformer that we wish we would have never heard of, but now that we know it exists we at least have the boss rush mode to get us through the treacherous gameplay. Smash TV was one of those games that you either loved or hated, but it certainly took all of your allowance to play it--what would we have done with super speed mode in this game? The mere mention of Ghosts N’ Goblins makes us frantic, but there was one cheat that got us through it all.