10 Video Game Cheats You Wish You Had Found Earlier


There's nothing like a good old cheat code. We get the urge to cheat in a video game once things get too tough and we feel like we cannot possibly overcome the challenge. Let’s be honest, even if it isn’t too difficult, some of us just don’t like a challenge. It may be the easy way out, but it works and nobody gets hurt.

Before the Internet age, cheat codes were much coveted artifacts of the gaming world. If you knew a cheat you were the coolest kid in the school. It must have been awesome to have been the first person to discover the legendary Konami Code. With the onset of both the web and more sophisticated game development, the novelty of the cheat code has worn off. Discovering a cheat now begins with someone sneaking into the game’s console and manipulating lines of code instead of just pressing random buttons until you hear a noise.

Cheating has become increasingly more acceptable thanks to the constantly expanding gaming community. Only in online competitive gaming and eSports is cheating frowned upon truly frowned upon. Nevertheless, these 10 useful cheat codes have withstood the test of time and have remained relevant even in 2017. They make the games more fun and have you wondering how someone even discovered them.

Whether it’s making a difficult boss battle more tolerable, skipping a few levels, unlocking everything in the game or simply being silly, every cheat has a purpose. Here are 10 useful cheats that you wish you would have found earlier. Enjoy!