10 Video Game Glitches Too SCARY For The Game


Video game glitches typically fall into two categories. The first include frustrating glitches that completely ruin the game experience. Characters disappear from the screen, actions you perform do not work correctly, or your character dies for no apparent reason. Those types of glitches may be frustrating, but it’s nothing compared to a scary video game glitch. A scary game glitch is a whole new type of gaming experience. These are the glitches that can give you nightmares, showcase things that were NEVER supposed to be the game, and present absolutely scary elements in games that are supposed to be family-friendly.

Watch and see how video game glitches can create a truly scary gaming experience. Character models get transformed, digital ghosts appear in the game, and some of your favorite gaming characters are presented in a whole new light. Mario, Luigi, Minecraft’s Steve, and your favorite little Pokemon Pikachu are all involved with some of these crazy glitches. Many of the glitches form naturally from game coding errors, others were formed from various hacks, and some may have been placed in the game secretly from programmers. Either way, they are all enough to cause nightmares. After seeing the scary incidents for yourself, pop in your copy of the game and see if you dare to access the scary elements all yourself.