10 Video Game Joker Moments Crazier Than The Movies


When watching the greatest movie villains of all-time, there’s one deranged criminal that always hovers near the top of the list: The Joker. Whether he’s played by Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, or Jared Leto, the clown prince of darkness is known as a scene-stealer in every Batman film that he appears in. The Joker’s movie moments are filled with all kinds zaniness including murderous magic tricks, high octane bank robberies, or elaborate ways to escape from jail. Even though he has had some classic movie moments, nothing compares to the Joker’s role in video games.

For multiple decades, the Joker has served as the ultimate video game villain to Batman. These games have given players a chance to witness an expanded version of the psychotic killer and see some of his plans come to life in a whole new way. Whether it’s part of the Arkham series or even the family-friendly LEGO Batman series, the Joker has had several moments that serve up crazier concepts than his movies. Watch to see these scenes and then go try out some of these games for yourself. It will give you a whole new view on the Joker and his sadistic ways.