10 Video Game Mistakes Developers Made Without Getting Caught


Video games are a large operation with a massive budget, but even the best intentions won’t save developers from making a few mistakes along the way.

This is The Gamer’s list of 10 video game mistakes developers made without getting caught. What’s the funniest mistakes you’ve ever seen in a video game? Let us know in the comments section below!


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The creation of a video game from concept to completion is a huge task to accomplish. There are teams of people working on a single title at any given time and each one of them has their own job to undertake. Each of these parts, eventually, take shape together to create an entire, cohesive game. With so much work going into each and every video game title, one would think that mistakes are few and far between. Unfortunately, mistakes happen no matter what precautions are taken.

There is no amount of foresight which will rid a video game of mistakes entirely. The bigger the title, the bigger the mistakes seem to be and, although, there are teams upon teams of employees working toward the same goal, everyone is human. There is no way that every mistake will be caught and rectified prior to release. Most developers are aware of this no matter how much they attempt to combat mistakes in their own games. Thankfully, some developers are at least capable of laughing off their mistakes in hopes that they turn into a pop culture meme.

However, some mistakes in video games are just inherently funny. From bad translation to forgotten doors, most players can see the humor in these mistakes since they understand the amount of work that goes into creating a video game. Even though mistakes can be irritating to developers, they’re still funny nonetheless and some of them have even achieved legendary meme status over the years. Here are 10 video game mistakes developers made without getting caught. Enjoy!