10 Video Game Movie Adaptations You Didn't See Coming


Video games and movies do not have the best history together. They are rarely taken seriously, harshly reviewed by critics, and often leave a lukewarm feeling for fans. From Super Mario Bros. to Doom, the business has shown that even great games cannot survive the cutthroat world of Hollywood. Despite the many bombs and failures of video game movies, there have been a few successes. The Resident Evil franchise has been around for years and delivered multiple sequels. Silent Hill also saw modest success with a few films. This has given the industry hope in adapting some console favorites into hit films.

While big franchises like Assassin’s Creed also have movie releases, you may be surprised to hear about some other games that are currently in production. Rights are purchased, writers are hired, and some of these films have already started filming. From some of your favorite racing games to classic hits, these adaptations could completely change video game movies for the better. Some of the games have already been made into movies but are getting a second chance at being a success on the big screen. With attached stars like The Rock and Hugh Jackman, these movies are making the right moves to be a success and put the video game industry back on the map in Hollywood.



Temple Run

Sly Cooper

Dead Island

Gran Turismo

Rollercoaster Tycoon


Fruit Ninja


Super Mario Bros.