10 Video Game Secrets Developers Dont Want You To Know


Video games are meant to be challenging to the player. If video games are too easy, then the player becomes bored and the game is considered to be a flop. However, if a game is too hard to beat, then it can be just as bad, and the game becomes unpopular because it’s too hard. That means that video game developers have to find a happy medium between being too easy and too difficult. What game developers will do is put in Easter eggs and even hidden cheat codes to make the player believe that they bypassed some sort of security wall. While the player thinks they’re being clever, it was all a ploy to make the game more playable by the game’s developers. However, because there are millions of video game players out there who come from different backgrounds with different experience levels, someone is bound to crack a code they weren’t supposed to.

In this video are ten video game secrets that developers don’t want you to know. There are secrets in a game that are never meant to be found by players, but instead a secret consolation trophy for game developers, celebrating their cleverness. Sometimes cheat codes and secrets were created because of a glitch in the development process. But game developers will also insert cheat codes and secrets that are never meant to be discovered. But thanks to brilliant players and hackers, there are no more secrets in the gaming world. Who knows what this means for the future of gaming, but players now have a whole other adventure to dive into.