10 Video Game Stories That Are Smarter Than You Realized


As video games became more advanced, players started looking to in-depth stories just as much the gameplay that came with them. Playing a game with an involved story can really make the experience satisfying and create a great experience. There are many games with fun elements and even deeper stories than you ever realized. For example, if you play through Super Mario Sunshine, you will learn about the motivation to capture Princess Peach and a sad backstory involving Bowser Jr. The Tekken series follows an epic tale that spans over multiple years and includes a lot more details than just basic fighting elements. The ultra-violent game Manhunt is more of a reflection on the gamer than the developers that created the violence in the game.

A number of games also reveal smart stories within twist endings and surprises. The side-scroller Braid features a similar story to Super Mario Bros with a huge twist at the end. The mysterious horror game Deadly Premonition features a twist ending and crazy connections that no one could predict. The Stanley Parable is an interactive game that gives players the ultimate control and choices. Twisted Metal may be a violent racing game on the surface, but it actually features some rich backstories for every one of the drivers. See some of these shocking stories, learn how smart they are, and look at some of your favorite games in a whole new light by seeing these whole new views. The games include computer titles, console hits, and some favorite classics like Grand Theft Auto.