10 video game theories that tricked us all


Conspiracy theories are found through all aspects of media. In movies, music, and television, it’s easy to analyze scenes or lyrics over and over while looking for some deeper meaning. In the world of video games like Super Mario and Grand Theft Auto, it’s a whole different story. The digital landscape of games creates an atmosphere where gamers love to explore, find secrets, and discover hidden gems before other players do. With layers of digital code and developers with the talent to hide content, players have come up with some crazy theories over the years.

These conspiracies did not start with some random video game forum. Long before the internet was used to share video game secrets, there have been magazines and clubs used to spread the rumors all around. Eventually a lot of them picked up steam and people believed the various stories. From original NES titles to more modern hits like Minecraft, it’s funny to see some of the crazy theories that millions of players have believed. From hidden characters to secrets parts of levels, watch and see what games featured some of the more outlandish theories. What ones did you believe? Many gamers have spent hours trying to discover these hidden gems and crazy secrets that have spread throughout the years. The truth? Many of them are all false. Now you can discover how the lies spread, where they started from, and ways that future games adapted to make some of the theories actually seem real.