10 Video Games Every Gamer Should Try At Least Once 2


Let’s face it. There are more video games out there today than we can fathom. While there are some awesome games, there are ones that everyone should play at least once. Mario, Master Chief, Link. These are just a few video game characters that most are familiar with. With all of the great games out there today, few have the ability to be known worldwide and span across all age groups. I’m sure the developers of these games did not expect their franchise to become as big as they have. Even as technology keeps progressing and visually games become more attractive, the nostalgia, gameplay, and storyline of some of the old games always bring us dusting them off and playing them again.

With that being said, technology has had its advantages and game developers are now able to create beautiful, visually striking, and immersive worlds we once thought impossible. Games like Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Mass Effect, allow the player to completely delve into these worlds/universes and be in awe in what is front of them on the screen.

Video games have the ability to visually take us places our imagination only dreams of and can captivate us in ways we never have before. The stories and characters remain within us long after we have completed the game. New and exciting games will always come about but we always hope for the next Super Mario, Zelda, or Halo type franchises.