10 video games that could have been better on another console


Have you ever played a video game and thought, this would be great on some other console? Those are the kinds of games we’re looking at here. Whether it’s due to hardware limitations, bad release timing, or any other reason, these fine games could shine even brighter if only they were released on another system.

For instance, @Bloodborne is a fantastic game about sending the forces of darkness back to where they came from. Too bad it’s stuck on PlayStation, where Xbox and PC gamers can’t access it, regardless of how much they love the Dark Souls games. Or take Undertale, a game that could make any RPG fan jump for joy. Unfortunately, console gamers will have to remain grounded, because Undertale is only available on computers.

Then there’s @ResidentEvil 7, a truly terrifying game that brings a whole host of new ideas to a franchise that had seemed to be running dry. But the best way to play it is in VR, and only PlayStation VR owners can do that -- leaving Vive and Oculus owners out in the cold. And let’s not forget poor Super Mario 3D World, a joyful platformer the likes of which we almost never see these days. The only problem? It’s stranded on the Wii U, a console so unpopular that many non-gamers don’t even know it exists. Seriously, when’s the last time you saw a GamePad in the wild?

Be sure to watch the full video for even more games that would be improved if only they came out on the right console.